30 kW Load Bank

30 kW Load Bank:

Fidelity’s 30 kW Load Bank is an ideal rugged option to test and maintain Tactical Quiet Generators in the field. Designed to meet MIL-STD-810, Fidelity’s 30 kW Load Bank is built to endure hard environmental conditions.


  • Includes 12′, 100 Amp Pigtail
  • Olive Drab Finish
  • Safety Features: Overvoltage Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Airflow Sensor, Overcurrent Protection
  • Designed for Military Environment: Sand/Dust, Corrosion, Fungus, Shock, Vibration, Military Connectors
  • Wheels and Retractable Handle for Portability
  • Self-contained with Built-in Cable Storage
  • Evaluates Generator Efficiency
  • Prevents Wet-Stacking
  • Optimized for Compatibility with PM MEP Managed Equipment
  • Specifically Built for Military Applications


  • Load steps in 1kW increments up to 30kW
  • Input Power: 208/120VAC, Three Phase
  • Class L Military Connectors
  • Operating Temperature: -25 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius
  • Storage Temperature: -40 degrees Celsius to 71 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 64 lbs


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