Anemometer Models 260/270

Anemometer Models 260/270:
Non-Moving Parts Instruments For Measurements of:

  • Crosswind and Headwind
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Air Temperature

Fidelity Technologies patented Thermal Anemometers provide long term trouble free operation under most severe conditions. They withstand shock, vibration, wind gusts, gun blast over pressure, and thermal shock. They are not influenced by radar vicinity and exhibit negligible infrared and radar signatures. All sensors and their related electronics are located in the ruggedized body of the probe. Fidelity Technologies Thermal Anemometers are well suited for military combat, naval vessels, and meteorological applications where precise measurements and reliability are essential. All sensors are built to military specifications and are fully qualified for use on tank fire control systems.

Features: Advantages:
No moving parts Low maintenance, reliable
Hot-film technology No calibration, high accuracy, threshold < 0.1m/s
MIL-SPEC construction Survivies severe climatic conditions, shock, and vibration
Analog output Easy interface to analog and digital systems
MTBF > 25,000 hrs Cost effective
Rapid response Detects instantaneous change of wind speed and direction

Configurations Available:

  • Model 260-A-10XBL: crosswind
  • Model 270-A-10XMBL: crosswind, pressure, and temperature
  • Model 270-A-20XBL: crosswind and headwind
  • Model 270-A-20XMBL: crosswind, headwind, pressure, and temperature

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