Power Distribution Illumination System, Electrical (PDISE) provides reliable, quick to assemble, modular power distribution equipment that is critical to deploying tactical electric power grids.

The PDISE family consists of five different end items, including two feeder systems, two power distribution systems, and a utility system. PDISE is simple, reliable, and compatible with DoD generator sets from 5kW to 200kW. It is used to subdivide and distribute electricity from single power sources to multiple equipment users within shelters and various unit complexes, and thus is a critical element of the DoD power structure. PDISE is also critical to the Army’s transformation by reducing the logistics footprint through the use of centralized power configurations. Such a power distribution system makes the military more versatile, allowing troops to access safe and reliable electricity in any part of the world. The system is also portable and can be easily assembled and dismantled, as required.

Fidelity Technologies serves as the prime contractor for the PDISE program (Power Distribution Illumination System, Electric), supplying mobile electric power distribution systems to all U.S. military services through DoD’s Project Manager for Mobile Electric Power. These man-portable units provide a standardized, safe, and rugged solution to distribute electrical power from diesel generator sets to individual duplex receptacles and tent lighting.

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