Armor Kit Capabilities

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Fidelity Technologies Corporation has the capability to produce armor kits for a variety of military vehicle platforms. Utilizing our advanced manufacturing capabilities, lean production processes, and experienced supplier network, we can support requirements at any level.

Systems Produced:

  • HEMTT A4 B-Kit
  • PLS A1 B-KIT
  • HEMTT Tank Armor Module (TAM) Kit
  • M915 A5 B-Kit
  • HMMWV Windows

Fidelity’s armor solutions are ISO Container Shippable and are compliant with MIL-STD Ballistic Requirements and ATPD 2352. Each kit is packaged to facilitate easy installation and application.

Fidelity Technologies strives to produce quality armor kits that exceed customers’ expectations and that help protect our warfighters from the evolving threats inherent to the current theater of operations.