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Fidelity’s FidViewEX Image Generator is the most advanced IG on the market, providing an unparalleled visual experience with realistic, accurate and dynamic content designed to intensify training.

Performance Benefits

  • Peak performance of 5,000,000+ textured, shaded polygons at 60Hz
  • Entity counts exceeding 65,000 per scenario with 1,000 in view per channel
  • 1000+ simultaneous particle-based special effects
  • 128,000+ static and dynamic light points
  • 2,500,000+ HAT/HOT queries per second
  • 1,000,000+ LOS queries per second
  • Resolutions up to 2560×1600
  • Optimized to allow multiple IG instances running on a single computer with multiple GPUs
  • Database paging for seamless training on large, complex, high-resolution terrain databases
  • Detailed, dynamic performance monitoring for precise scene management
  • LOD selection takes into account screen resolution and FOV

Rendering Engine

  • Advanced material system and lighting models for enhanced realism
  • Anisotropic texture filtering, high-quality texture compression, multi-resolution textures, high dynamic range textures
  • Real-time shadow generation with high-quality filtering and smoothing
  • High dynamic range rendering
  • Detailed vegetation system supporting individual trees, forests, and ground cover with realistic animations
  • Scalable character system with high quality character rendering and animations
  • Character system supports facial animation
  • Selectable full scene anti-aliasing (MSAA) and shader-based anti-aliasing

Environmental Effects

  • Physics-based atmospheric and cloud models
  • Physics-based sun/moon illumination model for full HDR rendering
  • Ephemeris model for celestial objects
  • Rain/Snow/Sleet
  • Wind that affects smoke, waves, and vegetation
  • Realistic ocean model supporting Beaufort scale

Joint Fires Advanced Scenario Trainer (JFAST)

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JFAST is the ideal simulation solution for operational forces. Light-weight and portable, it travels with the Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) team, sets up in minutes and provides an accredited mission rehearsal capability when and where a unit needs it.

• System sets up in less than 10 minutes
• Scale-able throughput from 1 to 32 students
• Meets JTAC and JFO MOA accreditation requirements
• Interoperable with existing systems (DIS/HLA)

JFAST is also available in a Special Operations Forces Mission Rehearsal System (SOF MRS) configuration, which has been ruggedized for Special Operations Forces and utilizes Common Database (CDB) formats for rapid geo-specific mission rehearsal.

More Information

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Joint Fires Expeditionary Classroom System (JFECS)

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Fidelity’s Joint Fires Expeditionary Classroom System (JFECS) provides forward-deployed units with an accredited Joint Fires training system that has the same computing power and capabilities as a fully immersive dome system.

  • Go from the transit containers to running training scenarios in 45 minutes
  • Fully ruggedized to protect against extreme temperatures, sand ingestion and frequent shipment
  • NATO accredited software baseline

Joint Fires Immersive Rehearsal Environment Simulators (JFIRES)

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Fidelity’s Immersive Training Solutions are the system of choice for Fires Centers of Excellence and school houses throughout NATO. The Fidelity Fires product family provides the Warfighter with a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) training package, or a completely customizable solution.

Utilizing an accredited common software baseline, Fidelity’s immersive systems seamlessly interconnect with all other available configurations within the Joint Fires product family. This common software baseline provides the end-user with a fully scalable product line and a common intuitive User Interface (UI).

Fidelity’s immersive training systems utilize the Fidelity Fires software baseline. Fidelity Fires is fully accredited by the Joint Fire Support Executive Steering Committee (JFS ESC) for all Joint Mission Essential Task List (JMETL) items.

Collective Training

Fidelity’s Immersive Training Systems offer expanded role-player stations

• Utilize fixed-wing and rotary-wing pilot-in-the-loop role players to realistically work target talk-ons and Forward Air Controller Airborne (FAC(A)) procedures true to battlefield operations.

• Send and receive digital CAS messages
• Receive pod view on ROVER equipment

• Add a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) for training military leaders in tactical decision making, war gaming, and to provide instruction to students throughout mission observation.
• Utilize a Fire Direction Center (FDC) to realistically work Call For Fire missions through digital fires messaging formats and verbal communications.
• Network multiple Joint Fires Observer (JFO) stations to the JTAC position for expanded battlefield operations in force-on-force engagements.
• Add vehicle position for dynamic scenarios with JTACs and Ground Force Commanders (GFC) operating within armored mobile positions.

Joint Fires Smart Classrooms

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Fidelity has been designing and delivering classroom simulators since 2002. Our systems can be found in Fires Centers of Excellence around the world. Fidelity’s Joint Fires classrooms have supported integration for a number of digital communications devices such as:

  • AFATDS (Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System)
  • FOS (Forward Observation Software/System)
  • PFED (Pocket Sized Forward Entry Device)
  • BCS (Battery Computer System)
  • LCU (Lightweight Computer Unit)


Simulated Military Devices

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Fidelity’s Military & Aerospace Manufacturing (M&A) Division provides the Simulation & Training Division with an organic capability of any military device. You name the device, and we will produce a near-exact form, fit, function (3F) replica completely in-house.

• Near-identical Form, Fit and Function
• 6 DOF tracking
• Plug & Play
• Simulate, Stimulate, Emulate or Virtual options

Digitally-Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) and Digital Fires systems have been successfully integrated into Fidelity training solutions.

More Information


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