30kW Load Bank

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Product Number: LBX1001000

Fidelity Technologies Corporation designed and built the 30kW resistive Load Bank as an ideal rugged option to test and maintain Tactical Quiet Generators in the field. Designed and tested to MIL-STD-810, The 30kW Load Bank, in olive drab finish, was designed for military environment including sand, dust, corrosion, fungus, shock, vibration and military connectors. This product designed specifically built for military applications has self-contained built-in cable storage and safety features include over-voltage sensor, temperature sensor, airflow sensor and over-current protection.

Unit Specifications:

  • Load steps in 1kW increments up to 30kW
  • Input Power: 240/120VAC, Single Phase Class L Military Connectors
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to 55°C (-13°F to 131°F) Storage Temperature: -40°C to 71°C (-40°F to 160F°)
  • Weight: 64 lbs

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3kW Tactical Quiet Generator (TQG)

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Product Number: MEP-831A; 60Hz, MEP-832A; 400Hz

NSN: 6115-01-285-3012; 60Hz, 6115-01-287-2431; 400Hz

Fidelity’s Military & Aerospace Manufacturing Division manufactures the 3kW Tactical Quiet Generator for the US Military. The 3kW features a ruggedized, mature design that has been deployed by the United States military for over 15 years.

  • Diesel, JP8 Fueled
  • Skid Mounted
  • Trailer Mounted Capability
  • 120/240 Volts

Dimensions: 34.8”L x 27.8”W x 26.5”H

Engine: Diesel, single cylinder, 6.7 horsepower @ 3600 RPM, air-cooled Fuels: Diesel DF-1, DF-2 and jet fuel JP-8, Jet A-1

Fuel Capacity: 4 gallons

Environmental: rain, humidity, altitude, sand/dust, transportation, cold storage, salt spray, fungus

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Ex-GEN Defender™

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Product Number: MAP0002000
NSN: Pending

The Man Portable Ex-GEN Defender™ from Fidelity Technologies Corporation is the reliable choice for your portable electric power requirements; specifically designed, built and tested with the warfighter in mind.

Utilizing innovative patented technology, this lightweight, portable generator operates on military grade JP-5, JP-8, F-24, and JET A fuel and starts dependably in even the most austere climates without the need for any starting agents.  Rigorously tested for harsh environments, this durable and compact generator automatically maintains optimum internal operating temperature for peak performance.

With a dry weight of less than 33lbs., the Ex-GEN Defender™ is the undeniable solution to provide the warfighter with a true expeditionary portable generator that provides continuous 900W (1000W Peak) of clean AC power.

Deployment Considerations

  • Battery Charging
  • Platoon Power Source for C4ISR Operations
  • Hybrid Power Systems
  • TOC Kits
  • Mobile Deployable Power


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Power Distribution Illumination System, Electrical (PDISE)

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Product Numbers:

M40: 6150-01-307-9446
M60: 6150-01-307-9445
M100: 6150-01-308-5671
M200: 6150-01-308-5672
M46 Utility Kit: 6150-01-208-9751

PDISE is a family of power distribution and illumination equipment that transmits electrical power from mobile generation equipment to the end user in a field environment.  The products are used to form a consolidated power network by adding components to meet specific operational missions and requirements.  Its designed has been deployed and in use by the US Military for over 29 years. This reliable, easy to setup and use equipment reduces overall logistics footprint though the use of centralized power.

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