Modular Training System

Modular Training System

Fidelity’s Modular build-up to our standardized baseline not only reduces cost and flexibility in design, modularity offers other benefits such as augmentation (adding new solution by merely plugging in a new module), and rapid adaptability per user needs.  

Fidelity’s Modular hardware and software configuration is specifically designed to address customer demands and make the manufacturing process more responsive to change when Tactics, Techniques and Procedures adapt as a result of an ever changing battlefield. Fidelity’s modular design is a result of long-time research, customer feedback and system/training after action reports used to combine the advantages of standardization with those of customization specific to our end users. Although other’s claim to have modular growth capability, in actuality, most systems compromise the optimized performance level in order to remain merely compatible with other current hardware and software.  Because of the common baseline between systems, Fidelity continues to maximize optimization of performance through module interface protocols allowing for a continued push to the edge of technology.  This approach also increases maintainability of the system and separation of function by enforcing logical boundaries between components.

Fidelity is committed to providing the warfighter every advantage possible.  It is Fidelity’s goal to maximize realization with minimal impact on efficiency and effectiveness.  This balance is achieved with the unique approach to simulation through the modular baseline build-up, truly giving the warfighter an opportunity to always adapt and Train as you Fight!

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