FidEX Product Line



FidEX Product Line

Core Architecture:

The common thread of Fidelity’s FidEX Product Line is the core architecture: a shared infrastructure governed by our innovative API, which serves as the starting point for all systems. The technology road map is open to whatever direction will best support one’s training requirements. Once the selected modules are in place and the customized layers are defined, the resulting system will provide users with a reliable, realistic, and relevant training option.

Image Generator (IG):

Fidelity can provide you with the latest and most innovative of IG’s with the inclusion of FidViewEX to your system. The most enhanced IG on the market, FidViewEX provides war-fighters with the complete visual experience…from models, to weather, to terrain.

  • Supports large entity counts: 50K+ per scenario, 1K+ in view/channel
  • Supports large, complex databases: 10,000+ km2 with 1M+ objects
  • Next-generation rendering engine with complex, physically correct lighting modules
  • Efficient particle effects system for a number of realistic conditions such as smoke, fire, munition effects, and dust
  • Available on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX)

Mission Based Modules (MBM):

MBMs contain the technical software and programming to implement mission specific training requirements.  One can choose from a number of standard modules, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Indirect Fire
  • Close Air Support
  • Para Rescue Jumper
  • Or customer defined MBM

Tactics Based Modules (TBM):

TBMs integrate customer and user-specific details into the training system to reflect organizational resources and tactics.  Tactics Based Modules include, but are not limited to:

  • Simulated and Virtual Military Equipment (SME, VME)
  • Adjacent User Interface (UI) and control stations (FSCC, FDC, TACC, etc.)
  • TTP’s unique to your training unit
  • Part Task Training (PTT) for mobile or add-on support
  • Terrain databases customized for your requirements
  • Models and/or entities unique to your mission environments