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FidEx Product LineSimulation and Training Products and Services:
The needs of the warfighter change as rapidly as the climates in which they fight. As a result, the Fidelity product line approach is rooted in the idea of ever evolving tools for combat situation training. Our extensive product line provides the warfigther with fully customizable training solutions designed to meet any requirements and to grow as those requirements change with the combat or operational tempo. Fidelity’s product line enables warfighters to train as they fight so that when the time comes, they fight well trained.

FidEX Product Line Solutions:
The FidEX product line concept allows Fidelity to fully customize any training system to meet a customer’s requirements.  Customers select specific mission- and tactics-based modules according to their training requirements, and Fidelity adds them to the core architecture to provide a training solution package.  Our FidEX product line approach maintains open developmental paths to leverage technology upgrades, thereby increasing the life cycle supportability and extending the relevance of your training investment. 

Current End User Solutions:
Part Task Training Solutions

Simulated Military Equipment ModulesSimulated Military Equipment Modules – Simulated Military Equipment Modules function as both stand alone training products as well as integrated tools for immersive training environments. The combination of the Fidelity Simulated Military Equipment, which boasts the same form, feel and function of the actual fielded equipment, and our advanced Image Generation systems allow end-users a more portable yet completely functional part task training solution. These customized modules create environments that train all levels of equipment use from entry level indoctrination to advanced tactics and currency rehearsals.


Desktop Procedural Training Solutions

Desktop Procedural Training Solutions – Whether it’s a Call for Fire mission, a Close Air Support target talk-on, or a precision landing for a partial-panel emergency approach, Fidelity has the customized modules that can stack to make your Desktop Procedural Training Solution as effective as possible. These solutions bring classroom instruction and demonstration to life for more rapid and interactive learning sessions. The use of Classroom enhancements like Desktop Procedural Training Solutions is proven to increase student understanding of material while decreasing time – to – train. These solutions allow for customized interaction and enhancements to service the rapid TTP and training pipeline needs without drastically slowing down student through-put in the midst of evolving curriculum.

Immersive Training SolutionsImmersive Training Solutions – Fidelity’s Joint Fires Immersive Training Solutions were born from our long-standing success in the Indirect Fire Training Environment. The same focus which drove the CFFT system beyond the competition accounts for the success of the JTAC on the ground. The mission of our Immersive Training Solutions is to support all phases of initial and sustainment training for specified overlapping skill set environments through modular and scalable systems that are able to meet rapid TTP adjustment and physical asset integration through various immersion techniques. Our systems combine large field-of-view display areas, immersive domes, and Head Mounted Displays to maximize trainee involvement by stimulating physiological senses for increase student demand during execution. Currently we have solutions ranging from full size interactive dome environments to portable systems that utilize various levels of immersion combined with simulated military equipment which give the warfighter a realistic physically and mentally challenging environment to train in.

Integrated Training SolutionsIntegrated Training Solutions – Our success with the Call For Fire Trainer (CFFT) system in support of the U.S. Army led to a line of products focusing on the Joint Fires Procedural Training requirements, which support the Joint Fires Observer, Forward Observer, those who train through the fires approval process and key skill sets associated with Indirect Fires Delivery (IDF). The IDF system is also scalable and modular to include Fire Direction Center (FDC) and Fire Support Coordination Center (FSCC) stations, as well as redundant student stations that allow for shared application or increased throughput. Through this legacy buildup of capability we realized the existence for true integrated training solutions that can be formed from our established part task and immersive modules. Because Fidelity has driven the complete restructure of our products into the FidEX product Line, future deliveries will have inherent integration capability with one another. Fidelity will also offer complete rework and tech refresh programs that can help legacy training systems find their way back to the current technology baseline where they can reap the benefits of integration, modularity, and a scalable baseline commonality.

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Other Simulation and Training Products:
Fidelity Technologies has expanded rapidly from our initial products associated with procedural call for fire training to a plethora of efficient and relevant modern warfare training systems. Our current programs include both mission capable and procedural training aviation simulation systems, foreign and domestic aircraft training systems, air traffic control training systems along with a continuously growing product support catalog. With Fidelity, there is no limit to our innovative and integrated program builds. Generally speaking, we either have the product you need, the pieces to build it or the expertise to design a complete solution. Give your warfighters the tools they deserve with Fidelity.

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