Products and Services

Core Competencies:
Contractor Operation and Maintenance of Simulators (COMS)
Fidelity provides for the Operation and Maintenance of Training devices and Training Equipment. The services provided include Preventative and Corrective maintenance, as well as the procurement of replacement parts and components. Fidelity also provides device Operators as required, as well as access control and janitorial services for the training facilities.

In-Service Engineering Office (ISEO) Services
Fidelity provides on-site engineering resources to assist the Government in modification, configuration control and life cycle support efforts of various simulators and training devices.

Live-Fire Range Operation and Maintenance
Fidelity provides range operators and technical personnel to oversee and maintain live-fire range complexes. Services include target maintenance and replacement, berm up keep, range control, grounds and roads maintenance for large facilities.

Contract Instructor Services (CIS)
Fidelity provides certified contract instructors to teach Government developed syllabi to Government personnel. Services include Classroom and Simulator Instruction as well as the requisite grading and assistance for student personnel.

Training Device Relocation (TDR)
Fidelity provides all the required resources (personnel, equipment, etc.) to move training devices from one facility to another, whether this is from one building on the base to another, or from one base to another.

Training System Device Modification (TSDM)
Fidelity will perform modification efforts on existing training devices, improving device performance and device maintainability, or upgrading to match concurrency with actual fielded equipment.

Materials and Supply Support
Fidelity provides technical personnel and supplies necessary to maintain Government Furnished Technical Training Equipment.