Fidelity Technologies Corporation’s Simulation and Training Unit unveiled its new artillery simulation training system at the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) 2004 Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The CALL FOR FIRE TRAINER (CFFT) creates 3D virtual battlefields in which all levels of field artillery personnel train in fire support missions. The immersive training system supports basic- through advanced-level tasks, including Mission Planning, Mission Rehearsal, Close Air Support, Naval Gunfire, and Mortars.

The CFFT evolved through multiple path development from the Guard Unit Armory Device Full-Crew Interactive Simulator Trainer (GUARDFIST II) Trainer, the primary Forward Observer training system for the National Guard.

The CFFT will replace the Training Set Fire Observation (TSFO) and the GUARDFIST II Army training systems. Fidelity will upgrade currently fielded GUARDFIST II systems to the CFFT to support training institutions, including TASS battalions, and to support unit sustainment training for field artillery direct support battalions, enhanced separate brigades, other combat units, fixed simulation training sites, and Special Forces Units.

Future plans for the CFFT include integration with other simulators, including the Special Operation Forces Air Ground Interface Simulator (SAGIS) and the Joint Fire and Effects Trainer, to provide commanders a common battlefield in which to train simultaneous exercises in real time.