Fidelity Inks $20 Million U.S. Navy Contract

READING, PA. – September 1, 2009 – Fidelity Technologies Corp. (Fidelity) today announced a $20 million, five-year contract with the U.S. Navy to provide maintenance and operational support at the Training Support Center (TSC) and Recruit Training Command (RTC) at Naval Station Great Lakes in North Chicago, IL.

The Great Lakes RTC is the Navy’s only basic training facility, where nearly all Navy recruits are trained, while the Great Lakes TSC focuses on advanced technical training.

The five-year contract for Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services (COMS) calls for Fidelity to provide all labor and materials needed to maintain the training systems at both training centers.

Under the contract, Fidelity will operate and maintain a number of simulation training systems including a three story fire fighter training facility which puts naval trainees into an environment that simulates a naval vessel on fire. Fidelity will also provide maintenance and operation of Battle Stations 21, a high-tech simulator that puts naval trainees into a variety of highly realistic battle settings. Completion of training on Battle Stations 21 marks a recruit’s final step in boot camp.

In addition to high-tech simulators, the contract also calls for Fidelity to prepare sites and position gear for training sessions and to maintain Technical Training Equipment, items such as radar systems and navigation devices that trainees need to use at sea.

Fidelity’s expertise in simulation training systems and its record of performance as the incumbent service provider for the past 13 years were factors in the company’s ability to secure the contract. 

The Great Lakes COMS contract falls under Fidelity’s Field Services division, which deploys hundreds of experienced specialists for the training and maintenance needs of military training devices across the United States.

“To become a Navy sailor requires an extensive amount of training,” explained David Gulati, president of Fidelity. “There is no room for error on the high seas, so we strive to provide everything the Navy needs to make sure these men and women are ready to operate efficiently in a myriad of potential situations.”

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