Fidelity Technologies Corporation announced the addition of a new series of thermal anemometers as the latest upgrade to its proprietary line of solid-state weather measurement equipment. Based on Fidelity’s patented technology, the Model 300 sensor suite is available in both analog and full digital output versions.

The new Model 300 measures either crosswind or headwind or both, and reports wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, and ambient temperature. An optional external temperature sensor is available. The Model 300 sensor suite also features built-in test capabilities.

As part of a new contract, the Model 300 system was subjected to, and successfully completed a wide range of military specification qualification tests, including extreme temperatures and humidity, solar, radiation, vibration, shock, salt fog, dust, rain, electrical power surge, and electromagnetic interference.

Designed for a rugged environment, this sensor suite has multiple applications and is particularly suited for fire control weapons systems design and upgrades.

Fidelity Meteorological Products and Systems produces solid-state instruments for precise meteorological and hydrological measurements. Covered by 18 patents worldwide, its products are engineered to provide accurate data under extreme environmental conditions, making them ideal for military, aerospace, and nautical use.