Fidelity Technologies Corp. Adds New Technology Training To Joint Fire Mission Simulation System

Fidelity Incorporates Unique Training Component to its “Call for Fire Trainer” Technology
to Enhance Long-Distance Precision Attacks

For the war fighter, there is nothing better than launching precision attacks from a long distance.

To that end, Fidelity Technologies Corp has recently enhanced the capabilities of its signature Call for Fire Trainer (CFFT) technology, a state-of-the-art training simulator to help “forward observers” conduct calls for fire missions.

Fidelity has now introduced an enhancement to the CFFT to train forward observers to use the new Non-Line of Sight Launch System (NLOS-LS).

As a far-range tactic, the NLOS-LS provides rapid response, yet requires significantly fewer soldiers, decreased logistical support and lower lifecycle costs. It is more effective, efficient and direct than traditional indirect fire gun and missile artillery.

NLOS-LS is a core within the Army’s Future Combat Systems Spin Out 1, which are scheduled for future fielding. Fidelity is ahead of the curve by incorporating this training functionality to the CFFT, making it possible for soldiers to receive training on this technology before it becomes a standard in warfare.

Simulation training in NLOS-LS is vital for forward observers. It supports the current force and the FCS Future Brigade Combat Team (FBCT), providing networked, extended-range targeting and precision attack of armored, lightly armored and other stationary and moving high payoff targets during day, night, degraded weather conditions, and in environments with counter-measures present.

J. David Gulati, president of Fidelity, said the U.S. Army selected the CFFT to incorporate its NLOS-LS war fighter training to make soldiers even more proficient in engaging stationary and moving targets. Fidelity is one of a small handful of companies that offer this comprehensive training product.

“The trend toward precision and laser guided munitions, along with the ability to accurately engage moving targets, tests the proficiency of the forward observer like never before,” Gulati said. “Our CFFT, enhanced with NLOS-LS training, gives our war fighters an edge.”

All five of the NLOS-LS “mission types” – the grid attack, IR, laser designate, laser anoint and laser offset – are supported with the CFFT by using a simulation of precision attack missiles. The technology simulates extensive stationary and moving enemy vehicle “behaviors,” using the U.S. Army’s “OneSAF” system.

The CFFT trains the soldier to use proper procedures and protocol to call in target coordinates in support of operations using artillery, mortars, naval gunfire, and close air support assets. It can be used for procedural, tactical, and strategic training in controlling and directing ground and air firepower.

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