Fidelity Technologies Corp. Secures $5.5 Million Army Contract to Manufacture Training Simulators

High Tech Virtual System Prepares Soldiers for Battlefield Conditions

Preparing war fighters for battle in constantly changing landscapes and conditions is a top priority for America’s military. The objective is for soldiers on the ground to be able to “call for fire,” accurately directing artillery, mortar, naval gun fire and bombing missions at enemy positions.

Fidelity Technologies Corp. of Reading, PA today announced it has received a $5.5 million contract to build 50 Call For Fire Trainers (CFFT) simulators for the U.S. Army and Army National Guard to help train war fighters to achieve this goal.

“The CFFT training systems have proven to be extremely valuable for the safety and effectiveness of our war fighters,” explained J. David Gulati, president of Fidelity Technologies Corp. “Fidelity has developed a strong relationship with the military to develop the CFFTs, and is pleased to offer our latest version of the technology.”

A state-of-the-art training simulator which teaches “forward observers” to conduct call for fire missions, the CFFT provides a realistic, three-dimensional battlefield simulation, with the trainee, as well as friendly and enemy forces, in motion. Trainers can create a range of environments, with daytime or nighttime conditions in geo-specific terrain. The trainee controls computer generated friendly forces to deploy modern weaponry including precision laser-guided missiles.

The CFFT can be used for procedural, tactical, and strategic training in controlling and directing ground and air firepower. The system also trains soldiers to use proper procedures and protocol individually or in group combat.

With lifelike graphics and sound, this immersive training system provides the feel of a wartime scenario at a fraction of the cost of on-the-ground training missions. The units are constructed in a variety of formats for different levels of portability and trainer-to-trainee ratios. The software can easily be updated to accommodate changes in the weapons technology it simulates and can be adapted to train for a virtually unlimited variety of roles and tasks.

Under the contract, which was signed in September, Fidelity will install the systems at Army and National Guard training centers throughout the United States. The systems will also be installed at regular Army artillery units, including some that are deployed overseas. Delivery of the first CFFTs under the contract is scheduled for January.

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