Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The FIDELITY ANSI/ISO/ASQ 9001:2008 certified and registered Quality Assurance Surveillance Program (QASP) establishes performance standards and associated quality objectives; establishes procedures for monitoring quality engineering and services; and presents methods for continual improvement and enhancing customer satisfaction. FIDELITY’s QASP meets the following criteria:

  • The planned systematic activities necessary to ensure that a component, module, or system conforms to established technical requirements
  • All actions that are taken to ensure that a development organization delivers products that meet performance requirements and adhere to standards and procedures
  • The policy, procedures, and systematic actions established in an enterprise for the purpose of providing and maintaining some degree of confidence in data integrity and accuracy throughout the life cycle of the data, which includes input, update, manipulation, and output
  • The actions, planned and performed, to provide confidence that all systems and components that influence the quality of the product are working as expected individually and collectively
  • The QASP shall reflect best commercial practices


Our QASP defines our proposed surveillance techniques and objectives, as well as our commitment to continuous improvement. To ensure Continual Improvement (CI), Fidelity will employ such methods as: :

  • Monitoring the quality of current performance
  • Continually assessing the quality of monitored performance
  • Continually striving to develop new and better procedures and making recommendations for Improvement
  • Implementing new procedures/recommendations
  • Monitoring the results of the new/improved procedures for improved/enhanced performance

In order to meet our customers’ needs, Fidelity’s QASP includes a detailed outline of  the inspection system covering all engineering and/or services required by a contract, methods for identifying, preventing, and correcting deficiencies in quality of the services performed, and the retention of files containing all inspections conducted and corrective actions taken.