Information For Our Vendors

  1. Quality Clauses (available in .pdf format below), must be adhered to and are made part of all Purchase Orders.
  2. Acceptance of any Purchase Order constitutes certification that the supplier will comply fully with all requirements of the applicable drawings, specifications, standards and the Purchase Order.
  3. All Purchase Orders expressly limit acceptance to the Terms and Conditions (available in .pdf format below), and are made a part hereof. Any additional or different terms proposed by Seller are objected to and hereby rejected. All Purchase Orders are subject to the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Copies of the current Terms and Conditions and Quality Assurance Requirements are available via U.S. mail, facsimile, email and Internet. Contact the Buyer at any time to request current versions of any document.
  5. Direct all correspondence to the Buyer.

Terms and Conditions (download PDF)
Quality Clauses – Rev H (applicable on Purchase Orders accepted on or prior to October 31, 2018) (download PDF)
Quality Clauses – Rev J (applicable on Purchase Orders accepted on or after November 1, 2018) (download PDF)
Poster: DoD Hotline for reporting fraud, waste and abuse (download PDF)

These files are provided in Adobe Acrobat format. A free Adobe Acrobat Reader program for all standard operating systems and devices is available on Adobe’s website at