Military and Aerospace Manufacturing

About Military and Aerospace Manufacturing
Fidelity Technologies Corporation Military and Aerospace Division offers turnkey design and manufacturing services for build-to-spec and build-to-print designs, including:

Program Management
Product Development
System Level Assembly and Integration
Rapid Prototyping
Testing and Environmental Qualification
Comprehensive and Capable Supply Chain
Software Development
Systems Engineering
Configuration Control and Management
Commitment to on-time deliveries, quality products and competitive pricing through LEAN continuous improvement, brings this group the respect and repeat business of its domestic and international customers.

Programs and Products:

Add-on Armor HTV B-Kits
Ex-GEN Product Line
30kW Load Bank
MET Sensors
Military and Aerospace is an award-winning division with a commitment to quality and delivery ISO 9001:2008. Learn more.


     Military Power Generation & Distribution

     Vehicle Armor

     Sensor Systems

Services & Capabilities

     Contract Manufacturing

     Electrical Testing

     Environmental Testing

Contract Vehicles

     National Stock Numbers (NSNs)