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Simulator instructors from Fidelity Technologies Corporation are developing an Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) for MV22-B Pilot training. It is the latest in training methods, proficiency-based qualification, and training. The intent of AQP is to improve pilot performance using a training process that is audited, analyzed, and corrected using collected performance data.

Fidelity is developing the qualification program as part of a five-year, $5.5 million contract to provide flight simulator instruction for MV22 Pilots at the U.S. Marine New River Air Station located south of Jacksonville, North Carolina.

The Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) is a voluntary alternative to the traditional regulatory requirements under CFR 14, Parts 121 and 135 for pilot training and checking. Under the AQP, the FAA is authorized to approve significant departures from traditional requirements, subject to justification of an equivalent or better level of safety. The overall goals of the Advanced Qualification Program are: to increase aviation safety through improved training and evaluation; and to be responsive to changes in aircraft technology, operations, and training methodologies.