Joint Fires Advanced Scenario Trainer (JFAST)

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JFAST is the ideal simulation solution for operational forces. Light-weight and portable, it travels with the Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) team, sets up in minutes and provides an accredited mission rehearsal capability when and where a unit needs it.

• System sets up in less than 10 minutes
• Scale-able throughput from 1 to 32 students
• Meets JTAC and JFO MOA accreditation requirements
• Interoperable with existing systems (DIS/HLA)

JFAST is also available in a Special Operations Forces Mission Rehearsal System (SOF MRS) configuration, which has been ruggedized for Special Operations Forces and utilizes Common Database (CDB) formats for rapid geo-specific mission rehearsal.

More Information

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More Information

• Pre-scripted with 10 CAS and Call For Fire scenarios
• Integrated pilot station available
• Helmet-mounted display available for full immersion and Type 1 controls
• Form/Fit/Function replicas of military devices
• Geo-specific database ingestion
• After Action Review
• During Action Review