Joint Fires Smart Classrooms

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Fidelity has been designing and delivering classroom simulators since 2002. Our systems can be found in Fires Centers of Excellence around the world. Fidelity’s Joint Fires classrooms have supported integration for a number of digital communications devices such as:

  • AFATDS (Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System)
  • FOS (Forward Observation Software/System)
  • PFED (Pocket Sized Forward Entry Device)
  • BCS (Battery Computer System)
  • LCU (Lightweight Computer Unit)

More Information

  • Pre-scripted with 10 CAS and Call for Fire scenarios
  • Integrated pilot station available
  • Helmet-mounted display available for full immersion and Type 1 controls
  • Form/Fit/Function replicas of military devices
  • After Action Review
  • During Action Review