Simulated Military Devices

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Fidelity’s Military & Aerospace Manufacturing (M&A) Division provides the Simulation & Training Division with an organic capability of any military device. You name the device, and we will produce a near-exact form, fit, function (3F) replica completely in-house.

• Near-identical Form, Fit and Function
• 6 DOF tracking
• Plug & Play
• Simulate, Stimulate, Emulate or Virtual options

Digitally-Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) and Digital Fires systems have been successfully integrated into Fidelity training solutions.

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Simulated Military Devices

  • Laser Target Designators
  • IR Pointers
  • Compass
  • Laser Range Finders
  • Communications
  • Digitally-Aided CAS
  • Digital Fires
  • Small arms
  • GPS
  • Thermal Video Imagers
  • Optics
  • Night Vision Devices
  • Customizable Options