Fidelity attends ITEC 2013 in Rome, Italy

Fidelity will exhibit their new, innovative FidViewEX Image Generator, the core of the latest FidEX Product Line, at ITEC 2013 located in Rome.  ITEC brings together the entire simulation and training supply chain, serving as the premier exhibition and global conference for members of the military training, simulation, and education sectors.  With over 3,000 international representatives from the simulation and training community present, Fidelity will showcase their state-of-the-art FidEX Image Generator, an integral component of Fidelity’s Product Line.  Fidelity’s Product Line Concept allows customers to select specific mission and tactics based modules according to their training requirements, which are then added to the core architecture technology.  This approach enables rapid upgrades, making enhancements easier for evolving industry obstacles and trends. The FidViewEX image generator specifically encompasses performance benefits, a rendering engine, sophisticated environmental effects and other key features that parallel the ever-advancing industry. Come by and take a peek at the most enhanced and opportune IG on the market at booth C130 this year at ITEC Rome!