Fidelity Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Founded in 1988 as a contract manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of replacement components for legacy systems for the U.S. Department of Defense, Fidelity Technologies Corporation now has expanded beyond the scope of its early contracts, broadening the business to include Simulation and Training Systems and Field Support Services with primary locations in Pennsylvania and Florida as well as 19 field sites across the United States.

Reading, PA – Fidelity Technologies Corporation celebrates its 30th year in business since its humble beginnings in 1988. The company’s three divisions – Simulation and Training, Military and Aerospace Manufacturing, and Field Services provides its customers with products and services to equip, train, and protect the warfighter. The Simulation and Training division provides simulation solutions to train the warfighter using state of the art simulation technologies to emulate the specific task. The Military and Aerospace division primary focus is on the manufacture of mobile power generation and distribution equipment; and provides improved armor protection kits for vehicles destined for deployments to hostile environments. The Field Services division provides contractor operation maintenance, instruction, and logistics support services for sub-surface, surface and air training systems.

Fidelity Technologies Corporation was founded in Reading, PA in 1988 by Jack Gulati. Since that time, Fidelity has grown into a multi-million dollar, multi-national contractor to the U.S. Military and its Allies. With Jack’s entrepreneurial spirit and savvy business acumen he laid the foundation for what has become a thriving business and responsible community partner that epitomizes the Fidelity Mission. Fidelity was successfully transitioned to the second generation in 2004, and has experienced extensive growth and diversification since then.

“Looking back on our 30 years in business I am always reminded of my father’s first contract with the U.S. Coast Guard to deliver lighthouse installation kits.  Having suffered significant losses on the program, the contract was ultimately delivered on schedule and to the full satisfaction of the customer. This contract taught me that delivering on commitments, no matter the circumstance, is paramount to success and longevity in our market. Fidelity’s future success will undoubtedly hinge on adhering to that core philosophy established 30 years ago along with our pursuit to diversify our capabilities, markets and customers.  And of course, the commitment and dedication from our employees to this mission will drive that success,” said Dave Gulati.