Fidelity Prepares for I/ITSEC 2013

Visit Booth #1763 to see how Fidelity is Empowering Warfighters through Inherent Integration

Fidelity Technologies Corporation has taken training design to the next level to connect the inherent relationship between isolation and integration.  In Fidelity’s new approach to training, we have harnessed the power to replicate the physical world in the most dynamic and powerful Image Generator on the market today. By replicating the environment rather than just the reactions to a certain behavior, the commonality within Fidelity Systems is much the same as adjacent actions in the real world, sharing the world and the physics that come with it.

At Fidelity, we believe that training tools should enhance the training continuum; we believe that training tools should be limited by how you use them and not by what they can do; we believe in innovation; and we believe in the future and the power of today’s warfighter.  Visit Fidelity at Booth #1763 at I/ITSEC (December 2-5, 2013), where dissimilar simulation systems from the air and ground training environments integrate upon the simplest, yet most dynamic, plane in existence.

Join us and discover the power of inherent integration and discover a world where warfighters are truly empowered.