Fidelity Technologies Corporation unveiled its Enhanced Visual System (EVS) for the CALL FOR FIRE TRAINER (CFFT) at the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) 127th General Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii in September. Fidelity plans to display the CFFT EVS at I/ITSEC at the end of November and demonstrate interoperability with other training systems.

The EVS is a dome structure, which incorporates a 210° x 56° field of view. When integrated with the CFFT, it provides an immersive, realistic environment for the training of forward observation, forward air control, and joint fires and effects tasks. Designed to address changing training requirements, the EVS is uniquely applicable to training forward observers and forward air controllers in the procedures and protocols for Close Air Support. At NGAUS, Fidelity also integrated a tabletop flight simulator into the CFFT for “pilot-in-the-loop” CAS mission demonstration using the EVS.

The EVS provides seamless graphics with integrated battlefield audio to heighten the realism in the scenario and optimize the training experience. It is a transportable, deployable visual system, which can be set up in less than one day.

The EVS can be adapted to any CFFT system to expand training. Currently fielded as a beta version, the final system design will incorporate user feedback and customer requirement input. Final versions will be available in the first quarter of calendar year 2006.

The CFFT is an indirect fire mission trainer that integrates joint fires and effects training, including artillery, mortars, naval gunfire, and CAS, for all levels of army personnel. 9-line CAS missions are accomplished with the standard CFFT system. The EVS prototype primarily was developed to support the Army’s direction towards training joint fires observers in all levels of CAS training.

Fidelity Technologies Corporation provides services and products to Government clients in the areas of simulation and training, field support services, military and aerospace manufacturing, and meteorological products and systems. The Simulation and Training unit has over twelve years experience in developing and fielding simulation trainers for warfighters.