Innovative Technology Will Forever Change Warfighter Training

“Fidelity Extreme” Will provide The UAE Presidential Guard with a state of the art immersive simulation for training Joint Fires and Joint Terminal Attack Control.

READING, PA – August 23, 2012 –Fidelity Technologies Corporation, located in Reading, PA, has the honor and distinction of being the newest member of the United Arab Emirates’ Presidential Guard (UAE PG) partnering corporations.  Fidelity was recently selected as the provider of three fully immersive simulators that collectively form a dynamic, interactive and deployable capability unlike any other training system in the world, further positioning this US Defense Contractor as the world leader in Joint Fires and Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) simulation environments. 

The UAE PG Joint Terminal Attack Controller contract was awarded to Fidelity Technologies on July 5, 2012.  This system will pair the first ever integration of Fidelity’s rapidly growing product line, known as Fidelity Extreme (FidEX), and its customized training modules, with FidViewEX, the most enhanced image generator on the market.  The UAE PG’s JTAC simulator falls under the FidEX product line’s Integrated Training Solutions package, combining part task training modules with immersive training systems to provide the warfighter with  product line supportable solutions  that evolve as their training requirements change.

The FidEX product line approach allows Fidelity to fully customize training systems to meet any customer’s requirements.  Customers can select user defined mission and tactics based modules to satisfy their training needs and once added to the Fidelity core architecture technology provides the total solution package.  The FidEX product line approach harnesses rapid upgrades and maintains open developmental paths to increase the life cycle and longevity of the end-user’s training investment, making it the total package solution and the backbone of the UAE’s Joint Fires training and development.

The UAE PG JTAC simulation system will be used to train all facets of the operational and tactical “fires kill chain” within the UAE PG and associated units. This new generation of interactive immersive training will more successfully enhance the warfighter’s special skill sets – enabling them to train as they fight.   The system is designed to allow the end-user to focus on individual specialties and related tasks, collective unit training and readiness, from initial to advanced, as well as sustainment training evolutions and mission rehearsal.  As a result, the UAE PG JTAC simulation system is designed to meet rapidly changing and adapting combat situations.  The extensively interoperable modules deliver fully customizable training solutions designed to meet any requirement within the defined Joint Fires scope while maintaining flexibility to grow as those requirements change in tandem with the tactics and doctrine developed by the warfighters.

The JTAC simulation system contract falls under Fidelity’s Simulation and Training division and includes an eight meter fully immersive team training area dome, as well as two, three meter deployable training area domes that fully integrate in a state-of-the-art training and exercise facility. Fidelity will also provide simulation system operators and Contract Logistics Support (CLS) with renewal options out to 5 years post delivery.  Product delivery support will also be provided, whereby Fidelity will manage new product enhancements and system upgrades, conduct research to help understand the evolving training environment, align technological capabilities with the needs of the end user, and support operational trends for future adaptations.

David Gulati, President of Fidelity, commented, “ Fidelity has been at the forefront in Joint Fires simulation for over 15 years, and for the past two years we have focused on direct correlation with the customer’s needs by redefining what exactly immersive and effective training means.  With the Fidelity Extreme Product Line (FidEX) the Simulation and Training division has restructured a highly successful program infrastructure in order to meet the high demands of operational tempo and military training support.  Innovative beyond all expectations, the FidEX Product Line is undeniably the new leader in both world-wide Joint Fires and integrated military training solutions.  The delivery of the UAE PG’s JTAC Training System will certainly increase Fidelity’s core capabilities and position us for further growth in this arena.”