Ballistic Windshield Installation Kit Contract Awarded to Fidelity Technologies Corporation

Fidelity Technologies Corporation expands its B-Kit Armor Program to include HMMVW M1167 windshield kitting

Reading, Pa (March 9, 2016) – Fidelity Technologies Corporation (Fidelity), a leading global supplier of Defense and Aerospace products and services to U.S. and international customers, was awarded a contract for the Vehicular Equipment Components Installation Kit by the Defense Logistics Agency.

Under this contract, Fidelity will produce a ballistic, heated windshield accessory kit for the HMMWV (Humvee) V-Variant M1167, an expanded capacity up-armored HMMWV TOW/Armament carrier developed to enhance the safety of HMMWV personnel.

Fidelity currently has significant kitting capability and produces add on armor protection kits for a variety of military vehicle platforms, including the HEMTT A4, HEMTT PLS A1, HEMTT Tank Armor Module (TAM) and the M915 A5 Heavy Tactical Vehicle at its Reading, PA facility.

“Utilizing our advanced manufacturing capabilities, lean production processes, and the experienced supplier networks already in place for our existing armor programs, we look forward to this new opportunity to exceed our customers’ expectations while supporting and helping to protect our warfighters overseas,” said Fidelity President, David Gulati.