Call For Fire Simulator (CFFS) Upgrade Contract Award

Fidelity Technologies Corporation has received a contract to upgrade its Call for Fire Simulator for an Asian Defense Agency

Reading, PA (May 02, 2016) – Fidelity Technologies Corporation (“Fidelity”), a leading global supplier of Defense and Aerospace products and services to U.S. and international customers, was awarded a Call For Fire Simulator (CFFS) upgrade contract.

The contract is to provide new Simulated Military Equipment (SME), Virtual Military Equipment devices, and to integrate CFFS with a new Command & Control Information System (CCIS) and Mobile Receive-only Station (MRS).

This upgraded system will enable new, legacy, sand virtual devices to co-exist in the current virtual training environment without impinging on the current CFFS architecture and simulator performance.
“Fidelity is proud to maintain its long-standing relationship with this Asian military customer upgrading their Call For Fire Simulator (CFFS). The CFFS upgrade will enable Fidelity to incorporate state of the art improvements that will significantly enhance the training capability of the customer’s current Call For Fire Trainer,” said David Gulati, President of Fidelity.