Fidelity Inks $10.5 Million Training Simulation Contract with Norway

Fidelity Technologies Corporation (Fidelity) announced today that it has entered into a two-phase contract with the Norwegian Armed Forces for a virtual simulator to train Forward Air Controllers and Forward Observers.

Fidelity will supply Norway with a Forward Air Controller/ Forward Observer (FAC/FO) Trainer. The trainer will simulate conditions for Close Air Support and Artillery training.

The first phase of the contract is for the development, delivery and installation of the FAC/FO and is valued at $8.2 million. The second phase is for providing Contractor Integrated Logistic Support – the support and maintenance of the FAC/FO – for a five- year period and is valued at $2.3 million.

“I’m pleased that the Norwegian Armed Forces selected Fidelity to provide it with the latest in simulation training technology,” said David Gulati, President of Fidelity. “The trainer will help Norway’s FAC/FO military improve its skills in planning and mission execution at a considerable savings in cost relative to live training.”

The FAC/FO trainer simulates relevant terrain conditions, obstacles, different climates and day and night combat conditions. It gives a realistic picture of the enemy and has the capacity for during-action and after-action review.

Fidelity, based in Reading, PA, has a strong presence in the field of military simulation and training and a proven track record of fulfilling contracts to specifications. The company expects to deliver the FAC/FO trainer to Norway in the last quarter of 2010.

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