Fidelity Technologies Corporation received notification from Registrar Intertek Testing Services that its Quality Management System is and remains certified. In August 2004, Fidelity underwent a Quality system assessment audit to the standards of ISO 9001:2000. The new issue date of certification is September 28, 2004 with a reassessment date of September 28, 2007. Companies certified to ISO requirements are required to participate in annual surveillance audits. Every three years, the registrant performs a reassessment of a company’s entire system to determine compliance to the standard and to the company’s own procedures and processes.

Steve Stutzman, Fidelity’s Quality Manager, said ” To maintain a certification status, it is necessary to pass these audits. When non-conformities are discovered during audits, we determine the cause and provide a corrective action plan. The registrar approves or disapproves the plan, and we revise it. Then we implement the corrective action plans, (and) the registrar verifies effectiveness at the next audit.” In addition, Stutzman says that this year to date Fidelity is meeting its Customer Satisfaction goals and has had no customer complaints or customer returns which were caused by errors or defects on Fidelity’s part. “All our products are considered high quality and satisfactory to our customers” says Stutzman. Fidelity’s products are its services, hardware, software, and designs.

Fidelity’s ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System is applicable to the “design, build-to-print, assembly, manufacturing, maintenance, preventive maintenance, operations and services of electronic and electromechanical products and systems for Government, including Department of Defense and Commercial markets.