Fidelity Sponsors Joint Fires Conference in London

Fidelity Technologies Corporation is the lead sponsor of the 2012 Omega Joint Fires Conference, which will be held at The Victory Services Club in central London, April 24th and 25th.  The aim of the conference will be to examine the likely development of Joint Lethal and Non Lethal Fires in the coalition environment during the next decade. 

Fidelity has teamed with conference host, Omega Conferences & Events, to bring together senior military officers, requirements and acquisitions officials, senior officers from the Joint Fires Organizations and industry personnel from around the globe.  This event gives everyone a global opportunity to come together for discussions on the current and possible future conflicts and how to have the greatest effect with the least amount of resources and cost through Joint and Coalition forces’ integration. 

Fidelity’s keynote presentation, provided by Retired US Marine Officer and Fidelity Director Ryan Roche, focuses on Redefining Immersive Training for the Joint Warfighter.  The global military transition to the current warfare tactics, techniques, and procedures has redefined the requirements for integrated development and sustainment training.  With an age defined by rapid development through even faster advancing technology solutions to war-fighting, the same must be done for the training continuum which defines a unit’s readiness and core capabilities.  Fidelity Technologies has harnessed emerging technologies, requirements, solutions and skill sets to merge the gap between virtual training and real world applications.  Come see how Fidelity is Redefining Immersive Training for the future of the Joint Warfighter.