Fidelity Technologies Corp. Receives U.S. Army Contract Worth Up to $124 Million

Defense Contractor to Manufacture Power Distribution Panels for Use in the War Zone

Fidelity Technologies Corp. (Fidelity) received confirmation today that it has received a U.S. Army contract worth up to $124 million over the next five years, depending on military requirements.

Fidelity will manufacture an advanced type of circuit protection called the Power Distribution Illumination System, Electrical (PDISE). The units will control the amount of power flowing from powerful generators to the standard electrical requirements that soldiers use.

“In the field, the military requires massive generators, which power lights, computers, radios and other electrical sources,” explained J. David Gulati, president of Fidelity. “We are building the power distribution systems to control and limit the amount of amps being run, making it possible for soldiers to safely operate electrical devices in the field.”

As part of the contract, Fidelity will be constructing four PDISE units with various amps. The units will be strung out from the generator. The first one will reduce the amps from the generator to 200 amps. This box will be connected to the second, third or fourth box, reducing power 100 amps to 60 amps and 40 amps. The final box will reduce power to the point that it can safely flow into the military’s standard class “L” military outlets.

Such a power distribution system makes the military more versatile and able to access reliable electricity in any part of the world. The system is also portable and can easily be assembled and dismantled, as required.

The first delivery order is for the fabrication of two of each unit type to undergo first article testing.  After acceptance of first article testing, the company expects to receive production delivery orders that will require the hiring of up to 40 manufacturing employees.

Fidelity was selected as the best value to the government based on its proven company capabilities, past experience, and proven ability to deliver and price.

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