Fidelity Simulation and Training was awarded a contract to produce and deliver two Advanced Crew Trainer Simulators. The crew simulators will provide training to crews of the T-55 caliber 105mm tank and the T-62 caliber 115mm tank. The contract also includes installation and in-country logistics support associated with warranties.

The tank simulators will realistically replicate the look, feel, and function of the real T-55 and T-62 tanks. The visual system will replicate the tank crew’s unique views such as through periscopes and through night vision and thermal devices. Each crew trainer will be equipped with an instructor operator station from which the turret crew trainees are guided and evaluated, and a crew cabin system with commander station, gunner station, and loader station.

The simulators will be designed to meet customer training objectives to provide individual and team training to crews. Through a series of simulation software exercises, the systems will train in the correct handling and operation of turrets, and train firing sequences including target selection, target acquisition, target tracking, and firing. In collective training mode, crews will improve team work and coordination, and learn advanced combat and tactical training.

Fidelity Simulation and Training provides simulation system design, installation, upgrade, and integration services to Department of Defense and Government agency customers. Fidelity’s simulators are fielded worldwide.